Friday, May 9, 2008

True Pheelings

From the annals of Phan contributor JK Jeezy: A Philadelphian who has had the unfortunate experience of trying to enjoy a baseball game at Shea Stadium.

Los Nueva York Mets:
(1)Worst Stadium, (2)Worst Fans, (3)Worst Team in baseball history? True

1. Anyone whose ever taken a 7 train to Shea stadium for a Los Mets game knows it is an all around terrible experience...but what they may not know is that it is in fact the worst overall baseball experience since the game was conceived. Traveling to the wasteland of Queens in a train full of Mets nerd (or mets Guidos, even worse), with no tailgating possibilities is not how god intended baseball to happen. Ironically there are much nicer stadiums in the Dominican Republic, just too bad for Los Mets roster they've got to come all the way up here to play in Shea.

2. Mets fans write the book on fair weather fans and are notoriously nerdy and unattractive. The average Mets fan shows up around the 4-5th inning and is out by the 7th no matter the score...gotta beat the traffic. And I'm not sure what it is about the school system in the ny metro area that causes all of the most unattractive, socially awkward, and shamefully nerdy children to gravitate toward Mets...but its is a problem I'd bring up to your local PTA

3. Los Mets the team...most choke artists money can buy. It would probably help them out if all signs and communication was turned into spanish...but theres only so much you can do. Though i am a baseball purest...i do a lil bit of translating myself at game
Josssseeee....Carllllooos You suck!!!


ONE GOAL said...

Albeit some might consider these comments to be overly generalized and slightly racist, they are in fact highly perceptive and quite accurate. More contributions like this one, please!

Michael Isserlis said...

my real gripe with mets fans which u failed to mention is that all mets fans are bandwagon boston sports fans!

Ralphie Charlie said...

what a douchebag this guy is. tell me, what the FUCK have the phillies done? like ever?

Michael Isserlis said...

aside from the phillies having lost over 10,000 games.. they also apparently have slightly anti-semetic fans..

ONE GOAL said...
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ONE GOAL said...

Losing 10,000 games is bound to happen eventually when you've been around for 126 years. The Phillies, much like the Red Sox of the past 4 years, are due for a change of fortune. Red pinstripes baby.