Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhh, May. One of the better months in sports, as the NHL and the NBA round the bend for the playoff stretch run and the baseball season sheds its winter coat of steroid allegations and whatnot. Well, at least until Roger Clemens roofies Miley Cyrus with HGH at a Jose Canseco barbeque.

For the sake of all the hockey fans in Mobile, Alabama, let's begin with the pride and joy of the Versus television network - the NHL Playoffs! Last night, the perpetually top-seeded Red Wings of the Motor City were in cruise control against the Dallas Stars (why is there a hockey team in Texas?). The Wings, whose roster reads much like the passenger list of a 19th century immigrant ship, seem to have maintained the same style of play since 1995. Valtteri Filppula? Johan Franzen? Pretty much every name on Detroit's team is showing up as 'misspelled' as I'm typing. Regardless, the Wings won't have much trouble with the Stars, and will be tough to beat the rest of the way.

Here's what one hockey fan had to say about the playoffs, before the start of round 2:

You can tell by his haircut that he's a hockey fan. Unfortunately for this puck pundit, he's going to be wrong. More on that later.

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Ralphie Charlie said...

Hockey is for gays and Canadians.