Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cleveland Rocks, and by Rocks I mean Sucks

Sports Illustrated recently ran an article about Philly's athletic futility, commemorating the 100th combined season without a championship for the city's four pro sports teams. Hopefully, the SI cover jinx and tendency to always be wrong in their preseason predictions will create some good karma for us. I would rather read an negative SI story about Philadelphia than see McNabb on the NFL Preview issue.

What this article misses, however, is a city which fails harder than Jimmy Fallon in every movie he's ever been in. Even with only 3 teams, Cleveland, Ohio has managed to avoid winning anything for a combined 129 YEARS. The last time they won was in 1964, when the Browns won the NFL title. Aside from loser sports teams, Cleveland's weather is shitty, Drew Carey is fat, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (somehow) is the exact opposite of awesome.

Not funny to boot:

What is this, a skyline or something?

But hey, I'll take the negative publicity for Philly. It'll make it so much sweeter when the Eagles pimp that Lombardi Trophy down Broad Street.


Ralphie Charlie said...

"the drew carey show was funny, but always made me feel gay"
- Abraham Lincoln, anno Domini 1998

Unknown said...

I for one don't like the negative publicity. Philly's been getting it for YEARS from all directions and we still haven't gotten our revenge.