Friday, May 9, 2008

Penguins Are Weak, Stupid Animals

For everyone in Pittsburgh who claims they're a die-hard Penguins fan, shut the fuck up. Like you were outside Mellon Arena protesting when ownership was going to move the team to Nashville, and then New Orleans, and then Mexico City. Go eat some Roethlisburgers and vomit into one of those goddamn rivers. The Penguins are going to meet the same fate as those dumb birds in that movie March of the Something Something.



Ralphie Charlie said...

March of the Penguins made 130 million dollars world-wide. Unheard of for a documentary. Who's the outsider now, asshole.

Michael Isserlis said...

hey man the penguins knocked the rangers out of the playoffs, they're OK in my book!!

In other news, sean avery is still a homo.

ONE GOAL said...

Pittsburgh is the most irrelevant city in the most relevant state in our union. I feel bad for anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of traveling through, let alone spending any time in this midwestern hellhole.

And hockey fans in Pittsburgh are as much of a joke as old steeltowns are in 21st century...hilarious. The only good thing to come out of pittsburgh in the last 50 years is called RJ Umberger...and hes on the Flyers. Flyers in 5

Ralphie Charlie said...

Can you say Pittsburgh to anyone without the person looking utterly disgusted?

ONE GOAL said...

Ha. Great point. Shitsburgh.