Monday, March 7, 2011


Ahh, blogging on the subway.

How does one have BO this early in the morning? While wearing several layers and a winter coat? (Not talking about myself). I'd imagine this is what David Wells smells like all the time. Speaking of which, that's the best you could do, TBS? Seriously? Somebody get on the phone with Lenny Dykstra's agent; Duder is probably available for work right now.

Yeah, this guy pitched a perfect game. Drunk.

So it's back to the Phillies beat as we draw closer to Opening Day. A couple big things happened over the weekend:

- Utley gets a cortisone shot in his ailing knee.. Maintains company line of "NBD"

- Dom Brown fractures hand and THEN gets 1st hit of spring in same at bat. Break it more often, yea?

Obviously, item #1 is a lot more distressing than item #2. WTF, Chase? Did you not apply enough Vaseline in the offseason? We trade for one of the best pitchers in the game, finally get our SS to put the Bieber album down and committ to his actual job, and then you go and get hurt. W.T.F. I'm not even going to try and put a positive spin on this; please get this man back on the field ASAP, Phillies medical staff.

Unlike the Utley injury, The Domonator going down truly is NBD for a couple reasons.

1) Little Brown is just not ready. Sorry Domo, but figure out that Craig Counsell swing in the minors. This could actually be a blessing in disguise, as it allows the kid to get his head on straight while his hand heels. Then he can work on getting his game together at Lehigh Valley where it won't hurt the Phillies.

2) This is the year of Benny Frank. Most Phillies fans probably considered Benny as a bag-o-balls when he was acquired in the '09 Cliff Lee deal. But what most don't realize is that Francisco was actually a starting OF with an OPS over .800 who was starting to blossom when he got the news that he'd earned a spot next to Greg Dobbs on the Phillies bench. Now? Benny's got the starting RF job in his back pocket, and is absolutely raking this spring. He's a seasoned pro coming into is prime, and is no doubt pumped for his opportunity to be a big-time contributor on a championship calibre team. This is HIS year, HIS time, and I'm calling it right now - BFrank will be the best Phillies OF this year. And most importantly, he'll outperform that goateed douchebag in DC.

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