Tuesday, March 8, 2011


28 page hits yesterday... #winning! Just 2,055,217 away from Charlie Sheen. Now that I've gotten my mandatory Sheen name-drop out of the way, I just wanna say I'm putting the over/under on his relevance at about 2 days. Feel free to call me out when he's battling Oprah atop the heap of branded media moguls by Christmas, but the shock factor has worn off for this blogger.

Amidst all the Sheenanigans, nobody in MLB comes out looking better than Miguel Cabrera. Now his clownish behavior and raging alcohol problem are like "whatever dude."

Another sports figure under some "Heat" right now is Eric Spoelstra, who told the press after a brutal last-second loss that his Miami Heat players were "crying" in the locker room. And now everybody in Miami's trying to diffuse "Crygate" because Lebron and DWade look like huge, insufferable pussies. LOL!!! This has to be one of the single worst comments made by a head coach, ever! Expect Pat Riley or some other scmhoe to be coaching the team by the end of the year. Are you kidding me, Spoelstra?!

Speaking of crying, the Phildawgs got perfect-gamed through 6 by the stupid Yankees, including 3 perfect innings by AJ Burnett and his terrible tattoos. The pathetic display by a bunch of regulars (Rollins, Victorino, Howard, Fracisco, Polanco) was mercifully put to an end when Wilmer Valderrama knocked a solo shot to get the Phils on the board. Valderrama, whose name is actually Wilson Valdez, is the new All-Star 2B for the Phillies, who lost this split-squad matchup 7-1. Oswalt looked crusty. (but still the best #4 in the Majors).

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