Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Turing Into A Classic

For anyone who didn't stay up to watch the Triple OT thriller Game 5 like I did, you missed a hell of a hockey game. Maybe it was Mike Emrick's hysterical play-by-play or the fact that it was a Monday, but that was the best hockey this e-blogger has watched in a long time.

Before the three intense overtime periods, there were three periods of scintillating regulation hockey. The Penguins came out and opened up a 2-0 lead in the first period, after having not scored a goal in Games 1 and 2 at Joe Louis Arena. Red Wings fans were silent, and the Penguins were finally skating with confidence against the more "experienced" Wings. Octopus, which had been worth $42.75 before the game, plummeted to $7.15 by the end of the first period. Detroiters, initially eager to hurl the traditional victory symbol on the ice in celebration of Cup glory, instead found themselves trading their mollusks for beer money.

But then, the Red Wings remembered Lord Stanley's trophy, which was in the house on this potentially auspicious night. They largely dominated the 2nd period, and although they only got 1 goal from Darren Helm, you got the sense that the momentum had shifted to the Red end of the spectrum. By the time Datsyuk scored on a power play early in the 3rd, the Wings were in control.

Blah blah blah, Pittsburgh scored with 30-some seconds to go, overtime was awesome this blog is over.

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