Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Live From The Roof

Well it's past the half point of the 2008 MLB season, and who better to tell you about the state of baseball than the Penncrest High School Morning Announcements team from 2002.

Here is JK Jeezy, once the clean cut lead anchor of Penncrest's "A" news team. His enunciation and eye contact were borderline flawless, and the only blemish in his career was the one time he called Cheryl Jordan, "Ashwin Chaudhary."

Jeezy gives us an update on the horrid state of baseball in New York. Predictably, it's Los Mets that are causing all the problems.

"The state of baseball is in crisis. And Los Mets is the reason." Jot that down, kids.

For further clarification on Los Mets, and The Philadelphia Sillies, here is "The Shwin Spin On Sports." While my diction was usually poor to very poor, my pace, tone, and facial expressions are still talked about in Penncrest's Oral Communications classes today.

Next Post - Phillies Midseason Report Card. (Hypercritical rant)

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Dicky Toe said...

Wow, didn't know about the grand slam to the pitcher. That's aweful. At least NFL training camp will start soon.