Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello, blog reader

Well, I finally cracked. After years of mocking the self-indulgent nerds who start internet blogs, I have started an internet blog. I suppose it's a little redundant to call it an "internet blog," but this is my first post, so shut up.

In this space you will have access to every nook and cranny of my mind. Initially, I'm going to censor the good stuff, while we get to know each other and develop a trusting relationship. But eventually, you can expect the details of my personal life to start leaking, with far-reaching repercussions I'm sure. For now, I'll just dish some facts about yours truly.

I'm a 23 year old digital video producer living and working in New York City; you know, the city with the 7 to 1 rat to human ratio. (There's got to be a way we can channel all these rodents into some renewable energy source, right?).  I love New York, obviously, because I chose to live here, but it's worth mentioning a couple things I don't like about the city.

For one, there always seems to be a million cabs on the road, clogging the avenues, almost running you over when you try to cross the street. But when you need actually need a cab, there's never one to be found. And then you get the cab drivers who like to ask how you'd like to get to your desired destination. Why are you asking me? Don't you drive around the city all day? Usually I like taking the shortest route, but hey, what the hell - surprise me! Excuse me, what's that? Oh, never mind. I thought you were talking to me but now I see your earpiece.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. In future posts I'll try to write about more relevant issues, like politics, the economy, a little pop-culture, and a lot of sports. Being from the Philadelphia area, I bear the scars of my regions pro sports teams. Our consistent failure to win a world championship in the 4 major sports has shaped my world-view, and jaded me forever. It's just a game, my ass!

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Charles said...

Well, well. Finally getting "hip" are ya?